Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Wasted Day

I had today off as a vacation day, and it was the perfect time to putter around the house. I didn't do anything major, just a lot of little things that needed to get done.

I got to sleep in, and then I picked up around the house, did a bit of dusting, stuff like that. I'll probably start on the big clean up this weekend if it rains, that is. Since it rained today, we didn't get to get out and mow, which means it will have to get done this weekend. I want the house to look decent for when all the little monsters come over for Chickenhead's party.

Speaking of which, I worked on that today, too. Chicken and I sat down and figured out which songs he wants on the CD's that we're giving to each guest. I had to veto a few choices, because I knew that some parents might have an issue with a word or two. I don't want them to think we're complete godless heathens, after all. All in all, Chickenhead has a pretty good list going-

'Dead or Alive'- Bon Jovi
'Let There Be Rock'- AC/DC
'Living on a Prayer'- Bon Jovi (I've been suggesting that this one be removed, but so far, no luck)
'Everlong'- Foo Fighters
'Drain You'- Nirvana
'Alive'- Pearl Jam (I'm still thinking about this one; the lyrics have some opedial
overtones that I'm not sure about)
'Give It Away'- Red Hot Chili Peppers
'Today'- Smashing Pumpkins
'Crush Crush'- Paramore
'Don't Look Back in Anger'- Oasis (I was really surprised he picked this song)
'Suffragette City'- David Bowie (another surprise, although this is a pleasant one)
'Enter Sandman'- Metallica (I was kind of surprised there wasn't more Metallica on the list)
'Pork N Beans'- Weezer
'Keep Fishin'- Weezer (we love Weezer!!)
'I Wanna Be Sedated'- The Ramones (I will be singing this by the time the party is over, I'm sure)
'Fell In Love With A Girl'- The White Stripes

And really, that's about it for today. Watched some TV, surfed the net, hung out with my son and the Husband. Mom wasn't feeling good and stayed in her room most of the day.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind, but, at least it will be Wednesday and the week will be half over. Think about how much time we spend wishing our way through five days of the week, just to enjoy two days that fly by!

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