Monday, July 20, 2009

Suppose They Threw A Party And Nobody Showed Up?

This past weekend was probably one of the nicest weekends, weather-wise anyway, that we've had around these parts in quite a while. I worked in the yard and enjoyed the sunshine and cooler temps. Yep, Saturday was beautiful. Until we had to go over to my FIL and Grand FIL's (see photo representation above) house for a cookout.

The two Grumps have a routine of going to Bob Evans for breakfast nearly every morning. They always make sure they get seated with the same waitress, and they know pretty much all the wait staff there. To honor all of their Bob Evans buddies, they decided to invite all of them over to their house for a cook out.

When they decide to throw a party, however, everyone else in the family is expected to drop whatever they are doing to go help them get ready for their soiree. Do I sound bitter? Why yes, I am. It's very frustrating to have to put up with them demanding that we do something, and when we do it, they grouse and complain about how it's not done to their exacting specifications. Why they don't just do all the planning and execution themselves, I have yet to figure out. Why the rest of us all seem to go along with their insane demands is an even greater mystery to me.

Anyway, come Saturday afternoon, we arrive at the Grumps' house. We needed to get there a little early to get the grill going, make sure the food was ready to roll, etc. When we got there, the Grumps were even grumpier than usual, which I didn't think would be possible. On Friday, they had confirmed RSVPs for around 40 of their Bob Evans posse. Folks were bringing their families, this was going to be the social event of the season for the Grumps. When we arrived, the Grumps announced that nobody was showing. Bobapalooza was a flop. Everyone had cancelled on them. There they sat, madder than a couple of wet hens, up to their necks in fresh corn, around 50 uncooked hamburger patties and the three dozen deviled eggs my MIL made at her ex-husband's (the FIL) request. I actually felt a little bad for them. They thought they had friends. One guy did finally show, a manager, I think. He didn't stay long, though. He had to go to work. To say the mood at Grump Manor was dark is an understatement.

So, my BIL and the Husband fired up the grill, and cooked some burgers and some brats and dogs. We grilled some ears of corn on a grate in the fire pit. We ate and we bantered back and forth the way family members do. Gramps stayed cranky and yelled at the boys whenever they splashed in the pool, which is 90% of the time they were in there. We stayed and talked until it started to get dark, and the mosquitos got really nasty. And then we went home.

The Grumps are still angry and hurt that nobody bothered to show up. I wonder where they ate breakfast this morning?

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Lola said...

Makes you wonder doesn't it.

I've noticed this phenomenon myself, so much so that I really hesitate to throw parties anymore.

I've thrown 2 children's parties where no one rsvp'd and no one showed up. My kids were little and devastated. We thought because it was a kid's party maybe some would show up without rsvping. Thankfully the party that was at the Chuck E Cheese type place we didn't do the whole huge party thing. We just planned to wing it and offer the kids who showed up tokens and buy pizzas. I threw a Christmas party where no one showed up and I threw a birthday party for my partner (who's family is huge) and only 2 sisters showed up. I invited her friends too.

Is someone trying to tell me something? Or do people just not want to be bothered with these kinds of get togethers anymore?