Friday, July 24, 2009

Teenage Wasteland

Yesterday, Gladys wrote about her teenaged years, and asked for others to do the same. Not all of my memories of that harrowing time of my life are exactly my fondest, but here goes.

I was pretty shy as a child. Being the chubby kid through most of grade school didn’t do much for my social skills, so I was more of an observer than a participator. I wasn’t really prepared, mentally anyway, for junior high. I remember feeling so confused; I wanted desperately to fit in, yet at the same time, I wanted in a way to stand out. I knew I would never be part of the junior high and later, high school hierarchy. That was for the thin girls with the perfectly feathered hair and the right clothes. While I was no longer the chubby kid, I still was not, in my eyes anyway, anywhere close to perfect. I would never fit in.

In high school, I had three close friends: Rhonda, Carol and Beth. I eventually made a small circle of friends, but these three wonderful gals were always the closest. They were the girls I hung out at the mall with, skipped school with, and obsessed over boys with. Boys. Ugh, boys! I didn’t date much in high school. If any guys were interested, they either didn’t show it, or if they did, I was too busy pining after some guy I never stood a chance with. Geez, is there anything worse than high school? I’m starting to think not.

Since my teenaged years were right smack in the middle of the 80’s, I have a lot of fond, if not the occasional somewhat painful memories of –

Those fingerless lace gloves like Madonna wore
Parachute pants
Calvin Klein jeans
MTV – they showed videos back then!
Bonne Bell Lip Smackers- the big ones on a cord so you could wear your lip gloss around your neck, at the ready for whatever your lips might have to contend with.
Love’s Baby Soft or Heaven Scent

So there you have it. I am so, SO happy that my teenaged years are behind me. I would love to have my 16-year old body back, but that’s about it. I think that body and the brain I have now, could be a deadly combination! Ok, maybe not!

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Lurker Girl said...

I just love "flashing back" to the 80's and my highschool days. It's like watching a slow motion train wreck all over again, but add in All Girls Catholic School and you get a big old hot mess.

Might I add into the memory of our youth "Sweet Honesty" from Avon and White Duran Duran Jazz Shoes!!!

I was the Bi-Level queen in the shirt unbuttoned down to there and the plaid skirt rolled up to here, one step away from satan according to the nuns. Oh, I'm flashing back--maybe enough for my own post for a change!!! HAHA