Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(Mad) Men I Like- Jon Hamm

This Sunday night is the season premier of AMC's 'Mad Men'. If you haven't watched this teriffic ensemble drama, get the first two seasons queued up on your Netflix.

Set in the early 1960's, 'Mad Men' follows the professional and personal lives of the employees of Sterling Cooper, a fictional ad agency. The women are beautiful and dressed to kill, with bullet bras and cinched waists. The men are cool, and everyone smokes. They smoke a lot. This show should come with a warning from the surgeon general, they smoke so much.

But all that smoking doesn't take away from the delicious-ness that is Don Draper, the cool, womanizing ad exec played by Jon Hamm. Let's take a look!

Yes, indeedy Mr. Draper, I will hold all calls and grab my steno pad right away!


Dorothy said...

He does look good..

aw the old days.

Dorothy from grammology

Lurker Girl said...

I LOVE Mad Men--and I would not kick Don Draper out of bed for eating crackers!!

I am all caught up and ready for Sunday night.

I agree, I think you can get contact lung cancer from watching them smoke, but I would love to be able to open up my desk drawer and pull out alcohol whenever I need it!

Lola said...

I just watched this for the first time last night. I hope I can rent earlier seasons on dvd.

Kelley said...

I believe seasons 1 and 2 are available on DVD. I hope so, because I haven't seen all of season 1 yet!