Monday, September 28, 2009

Hear That Knocking? It's Opportunity, Baby!!

There has been a lot more chaos in the Casa lately, both good and bad. Opportunity is knocking on my door and just may break it down if I don’t answer it.

Chickenhead is loving football, which is good, but I’m excitedly counting down until the final game of the season (five! We only have five games left!!), which is bad. Bad, bad, mommy. Whatever. I’m over those phoney-baloney parents and coaches. If they want to be stupid, let them. All I know is, after five more weekends, we are done!

A couple of weeks ago, The Husband’s brother came to us with a proposal. Would we want to rent his house from him with option to purchase later on down the line? I had a lot of questions, as did the Husband. After getting the answers and talking it over, more and more, we are thinking that we would be fools not to do this. As with anything, there are pros and cons to moving. Here are some of the positives-

The current mortgage payment/rent is almost $300 less than what we’re paying now.
Loony Landlady fixes nothing where we currently live, so we’re paying a CRAZY amount in rent each month for a house that is slowly but surely falling apart around us.
We would have the opportunity to own the house, and quite frankly, with our credit what it is right now, we couldn’t finance a cup of ice at Quik Trip, let alone a house. Renting from the BIL for a couple of years would give us a chance to clean up our act and take it on down the road so to speak. The house is in a good neighborhood, and is a lovely 3-bedroom split-level. This good neighborhood, though, leads us to the negatives-

The new neighborhood is on the Missouri side of the KC Metro area, which means Chickenhead will have to go to an ENTIRELY new school. But. As I pointed out to him, he will be going in to fifth grade next year, and will know those kids much longer than he’s known the kids he goes to school with now. Sneaky, huh? The Husband threw in that we could get a dog AND a cat (named Curtis Martin), which may have sealed the deal as far as Chickenhead is concerned. The other big negative is what to do with my momma.

No, I currently have no plans to stick her on an ice floe and watch her sail off in to that long goodnight, or throw her from the train. I talked with her about the house yesterday. She said she doesn’t really want to move to Missouri (why, does she have an outstanding warrant, or something?), she doesn’t like the idea of a split-level house with it’s multitude of stairs, she doesn’t want to have to find new doctors, etc. She wants to live on her own, possibly get a car and start driving again (Lord help me). So, we will see.

Since opportunity is not playing Ding Dong Ditch here at the Casa, I also got news today that the head of our department at work wants me to make 50 cards for upcoming birthdays for the year. I’m excited and kind of nervous about this because really, do I have time to make 50 cards? Well yes, if I want some mad money, I do! So, I’ll begin designing and making them tonight. I’m stoked about getting crafty, and that hasn’t happened in a while. I’ll share the fruits of my labor with you soon!

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