Friday, September 4, 2009

Life Is Too Short To Deal With Stupid People

This is my new motto. I am tired of worrying about what people think of me. I'm tried of always trying to measure up to other peoples' expectations.

A couple of things have brought about this new additude. First, my husband and I are for whatever reasons, 'that family' at Chickenhead's school. You know, the family that causes you to cringe whenever you see that they've signed up for activities? Yeah, that's us. I have my suspicions as to what started all of this, and in the simplest of explanations, things were said about us that were not true. And because some people chose to believe the things that were said, they avoid us like the plague. Last night, with the exception of two people and Chickenhead's teacher, none of the other parents at back to school night said a word to me. It was like I didn't even exist. I don't go to the school with the expectation that I will be Patty Popular, and that's not really what I want, but when you smile at someone standing in front of you and say 'hello', and they act like you aren't even there? It's disconcerting. I showered, my hair was clean, make up fresh, teeth brushed. So really, what gives?

Second, towards the end of the orientation, a parent asked if the teacher was going to allow the kids to watch President Obama's upcoming address to school children across America next week. The teacher acknowledged that as there was some controversy around the speech, the class would not be watching. This parent then said, 'Well thank goodness, because I don't want my son watching THAT!' What 'that'? It's wrong for our children to see the president? Or it's wrong for our children to see a black president? There has been some issue taken with the White House's suggestions for activities that kids can do that relate to President Obama's speech. Things like set goals for themselves and think of ways they can be better citizens in their communities. Here's a link to some of the activities for children in K-6: White House Media Resources

Chickenhead and I discussed this last night, and he wants to not only do one of the activities, but he wants to write a letter to President Obama as well. Go, Chickenhead!

All this to say that I'm tired of not being able to be me. I'm tired of allowing others to make me feel like I don't measure up to their unrealistic expectations. I know the truth about myself, my husband, my family. I know that we are good people. Not perfect, but we do our best and we try to look out for our fellow man. I will no longer allow anyone to make me feel inferior!


Lola said...

I just don't get the controversy surrounding the Presidents address to the children. Was this ever any question with previous Presidents when they addressed students? I'm pretty sure President Obama is not the first President to do this.

How dare the President encourage students to set goals for themselves and their future (she said mockingly). I haven't heard anything from my kid's schools. I hope they do show it.

Kelley said...

Nope, he's not the first president to do it. George H.W. Bush did an address to school children in 1991.

Let's face it, the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about is that the president is not white like the previous 43 presidents. That shouldn't be the issue, we should be further along in our collective thinking than what we are, but we're not.

The past 8 months have made me really question what's going on in this country. People who claim they represent the 'true Christian values' of the Republican party, have been the ones saying and doing some of the most vile, un-Christian things imaginable. Some of it is truly frightening.

Brenda said...

I found you through your comment over at The Women's Colony. Amen to all you said! I've raised my two daughters, and I raised them to think for themselves. I'm so happy to see that there are young parents out there today with good sense! Bravo! My husband is a psychiatrist, and he sees patients at the mental hospital with more insight than some of these parents have shown!