Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Opportunity Wasn't Knocking, It Ding-Dong-Ditched Me

A couple of weeks ago, I got all happy and thought that come next summer, we would be moving to a new Casa.

Well, I was wrong. Horribly, terribly wrong. My brother in law called last night and long story short, he's having to move out of the house immediately because his now ex-wife pretty much hosed him on their divorce. I had a bad feeling when he told us that she hadn't signed the quit claim deed yet, so he hadn't gotten the re-finance on the house done. Princess Sneaky-pants decided to hold off until the eleventh hour before she would sign the papers, and then decided to slam my BIL with more demands.

The Husband and I weren't sure who to be mad at, and at first, we were mad. But having slept on it (I didn't really sleep, I'm taking some Tylenon PM tonight), I realize now that this happened for a reason. I truly believe that our lives unfold as they were meant to. That's not to say that we're powerless over our lives, not at all. But in this situation, I think the cosmic universe is making a hard left and taking us down a different path. And I'm ok with that.

We can live where we are now until next summer. In that time, we will have plenty of opportunity to find a house that's right for us. We'll have plenty of time to investigate schools and neighborhoods and all those good things. One neighborhood is already a possibility because it's where Chickenhead's Cub Scout pack is, and he could go to school with kids that he already knows.

It would be really easy to be mad at my ex-SIL for her selfish actions, becuase more than hurting us, she hurt my BIL and their kids, too. It would be easy to be mad at my BIL because he got our hopes up before he had everything signed by the Princess. But what would my anger with either of them solve? Nothing, really. All it would really do is stop me from living my life right now, and I can't do that. I won't do that.

So. We'll keep on believing that there's no place like home, and that home isn't just a location. 'Home' is where you are loved, where you laugh, where you share good times and bad. No matter where we live, as long as we're together, we're truly home.


cathycan said...

1.No anger
2.No regrets
3.Everything works together for your good if you follow your gut/ Everything works together for your good in the Lord. (Choose, depending on your belief system.)
It's the only way to stay sane in a world of disappointments and surprises.
You got it all together , girl!

Lurker Girl said...

I agree Kel, everything happens for a reason. I try and tell myself that every time I get delayed or get stuck with something that just pisses me off.

God does have a plan and we are just "in the game". I know that people say we can make our own destiny, and that is true to a point, but sometimes road blocks and diversions are placed in our way for a higher reason. You don't understand it now, but it will be clear some day.

Holy shit--did I just get all philosophical this early in the morning--I blame the lack of coffee!

Mommas Soapbox said...

Home is where......they have to let you in....

Kidding, HOME is where your family and love are..... The walls and roof are called a HOUSE...

Sorry for your disappointment, but I love your attitude.