Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Random Ramblings

So, I was gone for a while. I hadn't really planned on being gone this long! I had a week of vacation, and I decided to take a break from blogging, too. I needed to recharge my batteries and clear my head and all that good stuff.

So what's been going on in my life? Well first, there's this-

Chickenhead is in the final week of football season. Believe me, it can't come a moment too soon! The team has a losing streak of epic proportions- they haven't won a single game. In fact, they've had to call three games in the third quarter because the point spread was too big. It's very hard to get a boy excited about football when most games end with a score of 44-0. It's hard for me to get excited about, too. On the plus side, he's learned a lot about the game, and about teamwork, and about how sometimes adults can put their own petty feelings and desires ahead of what's best for their child. I have witnessed parents in the stands and on the sidelines behaving in ways that are appalling. I'm glad it's almost over.

Let's see... I had a birthday in there, too. No big whoop. I'm at the age where birthdays are no longer dreaded or anticipated. It was a day. It was during the week that I was on vacation, so after I got Chickenhead up and off to school, I made myself breakfast, and extra large cup of latte and then headed back to bed. I was happy with that. I was able to spend my day with the Husband and Chickenhead and it was good.

Not so good- my momma. Her health is quickly declining, and boy do I feel helpless. While I was on vacation, she had an appointment with a neuro-psychologist to help determine if she has dementia. After a full day of tests, she declared the entire thing 'stupid' and 'a waste of time'. But there is definately something going on. She can barely walk, she's just mentally not with it, she's sick a lot. She came to me this past Friday and said she wanted to see what she had to do to get in to an assisted living facilty. So I've been working with her caseworker and social worker to get the ball rolling. I had to discuss life insurance with her; a conversation I didn't want to have. I don't want to face the fact that my mom is nearing the end of her life. I also don't want to face the fact that she has never made any kind of plans for any of this. When I asked her if she had insurance and she told me no, I asked her what will I do when she dies? She said, 'well, just do whatever other people do'. I patiently explained that we needed to get her at least a small policy to cover the most basic of expenses. So now I need to look in to that. And maybe contact a funeral home to see if I can work on pre-paying for services? I don't know. A part of me wants to take this on, but another part wants desperately to ignore it and hope it all goes away. But I know it doesn't work like that.

That's what I've been up to. Oh, and a little crafting, too. I made an altered paint can for Chickenhead's teacher for her birthday, had my girlfriends over for some scrapping, and am working on birthday cards for the office. I'm mentally gearing up for Thanksgiving, too. Can it really be time to be thinking about that already?!


Lola said...

Happy belated birthday.

cathycan said...

Football season, while fun, took up all my Saturdays with games, afternoons with drop-offs and pick-ups. I was always glad when the season ended.It was July to Nov.!
now, with my son grown out of little league football, I look longingly at the little guys practicing in the park...for abt. a second, then "boy, glad that's not me!"