Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here

I'm still kind of waiting to see how Christmas will affect me this year. It was not my mom's favorite holiday, although I'm not sure why. I find myself with a lot of questions about her and her life that I may never get answers to. At any rate, I'm looking forward to the holiday, the decorations, and the cards.

I love getting Christmas cards! I like cards that come with photos or without. Especially in this era of emails, e-cards, IMs and texting, it's nice to get something tangible in the mail. Something with handwriting on it that someone took the time to address and mail to you. I like making cards, too. I've made my Christmas cards for the past few years, and it's something that I really enjoy.

This year, I mixed it up and made all different kinds of cards. Most of them are very non-traditional as far as colors go. I love red and green, but I also love different, unexpected color combinations.

For example, take a look at this-

(ok, I don't know why that picture is standing on it's side. It was oriented the right way when I went to upload it.) I love the combination of pink and black. It looks kind of funky and retro and maybe even a little elegant. I've wanted to do a black Christmas card for a while, just because I like the idea of being different. Here's another one-


Some of my other favorites this year feature blues, greens and purples-

And yeah, there's some red and green, too-

(Sorry about your necks! Looks like that one's all wonky, too)

No matter what the holidays mean to you, I hope that they bring you much happiness and peace! Happy Holidays!


Carol said...

Love the one with the pink tree! I love mine too! I agree, I get excited to open the mail box for a change!

Lurker Girl said...

GORGEOUS Cards Kelley!! I really didn't miss making my cards this year--it's so much work. It was so much easier to stick a picture in the card frame!! HAHA!

You are very talented! I too look forward to cards--but it's getting so expensive to mail them. I know more people who DON'T send them than who do.

Kelley said...

I almost didn't make them this year, Amy. But I'm glad I did, as it was good therapy to sit down and cut and paste for a few hours. And I agree on the postage thing- geeze! Luckily, I don't mail out too many! I loved your card, btw! You've got a gorgeous family!