Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Let's Move On, Shall We?

I can honestly say that I will be quite happy to see 2009 leave already. This has not been the best year of this decade. There was the summer of death, when everyone in Hollywood died (ok, almost everyone), and then my mom died, and people were losing their houses, their jobs, dogs and cats were living hasn't been good.

But this decade, this decade has been rather remarkable for me. At the beginning of the New Millenium, I had Chickenhead, the best and brightest Y2K baby ever. From then on, my world has been forever changed, and for the better. No matter how crappy this past year has been, I wouldn't change the past decade for anything, no sir.

For me, part of moving on is letting go of the past. My mother's passing has allowed me to see that there are things that I can never change no matter what. There are things that have happened that I had no control over, that weren't my fault, and so it's time to stop beating myself up about it. It's a realization that some things can hold us back whether we realize it or not, and in order to move forward, I need to acknowledge them and let them go. So once in a while, you might see a more serious post here, but rest assured that I'm doing fine. I feel like the 'old' me (but I ain't old, got it?!), I feel like I am ready for new challenges, new adventures, more good times with my old, also not old friends, and much more time with my home team, The Husband and Chickenhead. I have a feeling that 2010 is going to be a VERY good year, and I'm looking forward to it!

May all of you have the best New Year ever!!

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phd in yogurtry said...

Here's to a new decade of letting go! Because I'm with your mission. It's a winner. Happy New Year!