Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Men I Like- The Silver Fox Edition

You know what our country is sorely lacking? A good news man (or woman). Someone who will tell it like it is, and not be afraid to get their hands dirty to deliver us a good news story. Walter Cronkite is gone, as is Peter Jennings, two of the all-time greats in my opinion. But thankfully, we've got a guy who has some serious potential- Anderson Cooper.

Yes, Anderson Cooper. Have you watched AC360, his CNN news program lately? It's good stuff. And even better than his studio work is Anderson's 'in the field' reporting, first in the days following Katrina in New Orleans, and now in post-earthquake Haiti. Time and time again, he goes beyond just covering a news story, and genuinely cares about what he's covering. Check out this video of him helping a boy to safety in Haiti (warning- it's graphic)

He doesn't seem to care about covering the looting that's going on around him, he just wants that little boy to be safe.

What else do I love about AC? Well, his mom is Gloria Vanderbilt, and I loved her jeans when I was in high school. He's an admitted 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' fan, and he let's Kathy Griffin drop the f-bomb on TV, which is always good for a few giggles. And while rumor has it that I may not be of the right persuasion to catch Anderson's eye, I don't care. He's a good news man, and all around great guy. And hello, he's hot! Check out that bod!


cathycan said...
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cathycan said...

Love the prematurely gray! His pic is in my group of guys I love, waiting to be posted in a future blog.
Anderson Cooper and D'hani Jones, I have a widely varied taste in men : )

Lurker Girl said...

I would love to be his "hag". He really is a great journalist, but he's nice to look at too :)

Rechelle said...

Yeah - he's hot alright. The video is harsh, but also beautiful. You made me a fan of AC.