Friday, February 12, 2010

The Adventures of Judi and Judy

Before there was Thelma and Louise, there were these two. My mom, Judi(with an 'i' to be different), the one on the left, and my aunt, Judy, on the right. They were sisters-in-law, and even after my mom and dad divorced, they stayed good friends. Both were named Judith Ann, but both went by 'Judy(i)'. When they were together, people would sometimes call them by their initials, 'J.P', my aunt, and 'J.G.', my mom. Being the 70's hipsters that they were, I recall them having shirts with their initials on them.

Now as far as I know, Judi and Judy never killed or robbed anyone like Thelma and Louise did. Mostly, from what I recall, J.G and J.P went out to a place called Chapmann's and did the bump and danced to B.T.O's 'Takin' Care of Business'.

You may be wondering what they're doing in that photo. Apparently, J.P had hiccups, and somebody told her that if you plug your ears and then take a drink of water, that would get rid of them. Obviously though, you can't plug your ears and hold a glass of water, so that's where my mom J.G came in. I would like to point out some of the hallmarks of the style of 1973: my mom's 'short shag' haircut (which she made me get also), my aunt's bouffant with bangs, and the frosted blue eyeshadow. Good times!

I went along for many adventures, mostly because we all lived together in Arizona for a time. One such adventure involved driving through Arizona with my Uncle Terry, Aunt Judy's brother. Never one to miss a fad, in the 70's Uncle Terry joined the CB craze and had his wood-paneled station wagon tricked out with the latest gear and a big antenna whipping around on the roof.

It was late one night while we were driving, when we got a flat tire. While my uncle was outside changing the tire, my mom and aunt thought they would try their hand at talking with the other CB-ers out there. My aunt picked up the mic and giggling like a school girl with my mom snickering in the background, she pressed the button. "Hey there good buddy! You got your dog on a leash?" (What the hell did that mean?) J.P and J.G laughed at their cleverness and repeated the message. From somewhere out in the dark Arizona night, a reply came back. "10-4 darlin, you got your cat on a string?" That busted them up completely and they were laughing so hard they couldn't talk any more. I just sat in the back seat and listened, waiting to see what would happen next.

Usually, with Judi and Judy, there was always another adventure waiting to be had. I'll tell you some more sometime! Is your cat on a string?


qandlequeen said...

Happy VGNO.

I have a friend named Judi after her mom's bestfriend, Judy. There must be something about the name Judi/y that stirs up adventure.

Carol said...

Ha! Loved this story! Sounds very similar to some stories I could share, about you & Beth! Well, written, felt like I was there with them! Hugs~

cathycan said...

6 girls in an old Suburban
1975 crossing the desert on our way to Disneyland and Spring Break
talking/flirting with the truckers
Fun, fun, giggle, giggle
til a creepy comment freaks us out
"eeuww, aaahhhh! uuuuugh!"
Off goes the C.B.

phd in yogurtry said...

sigh. thinking it would be awesome to have a close and fun relationship with a sister in law.

S said...

Great story, and very cute picture.