Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Keeping It Really Real

My title today is a play on a common phrase at one of the more popular blogs out there in blog-land. You know which one. The one and only Pioneer Woman.

Now, let me state first and foremost, that I am NOT going to bash Ree personally. I don't know her, other than the brief moment I met her at her book signing here in Kansas City. This is more about Pioneer Woman than Ree. Because I don't believe that recent events demonstrate that PW is keeping it real; it's more a case of her altering reality to fit the needs of her blog.

I've been a regular reader of Mrs.G., first at Derwad Manor and now at The Women's Colony. If you've never been to the Colony, do yourself a favor and visit. There are a bunch of wonderful women over there, writing, talking, exchanging ideas. It's truly one of my favorite places on the web. I actually found Mrs.G. through Pioneer Woman, and I truly loved Mrs. G's home-schooling articles on PW's site.

Needless to say, I was more than dismayed that an article of Mrs. G's that was published last week caused such an uproar. An uproar of such epic proportions, that not only were people posting hateful, vitriolic comments about Mrs. G at PW's blog, but they were also spreading their hate speech to The Women's Colony. Further, two people took it upon themselves to find Mrs. G.'s phone number and CALL HER AT HOME. All the while, Ree sat by quietly and simply deleted any negative comments from her blog. At no time did she say anything to her posters about the judgmental comments that some of them made, at no time did she address the hate and intolerance that some of them exhibited so viciously. Instead, on Sunday evening, Ree instead posted a comment of her own, that really came off kind of half-hearted and had a 'can't we all get along' vibe.

I suppose that if that works for her, fine. It's her blog, after all, and she can moderate or not as she chooses. But, I've lost a huge amount of respect for her for throwing Mrs. G under the bus, letting her twist in the wind, however you want to term it. I'm sure that Ree has her reasons for what she did. Maybe she didn't want to offend her readers or her sponsors. Maybe she wants her blog to reflect some idealized perfection that she feels it needs to conform to. I don't know. All I do know is that I found her silence and then fiddle-dee-dee attitude more offensive than anything Mrs. G. could have ever written.

I've learned at the Women's Colony, that not only does Mrs. G. have her contributors backs, but she has the back of every woman that comments as well. At the same time, she's not above calling someone out when they engage in stupid ass internet BS. For that reason, I'm done with PW. I doubt she'll miss me, and to be honest, I wouldn't care if she did or not. I need integrity and tolerance much more than I need pictures of calf nuts.


Loopy said...

I posted at my blog my own feelings towards PW and was shocked to have so many visitors comment and email me to say they felt the same. A few google searches brought me here to your site and I love what you wrote!

I don't homeschool so I don't view PW's blog about it but I do know the name Mrs. G from her posts about her and I'm sad to see there was a "situation" with her involved. Your post was very sweet and supportive. :)

I did go visit the Woman's Colony and wow am I impressed! I even submitted a piece of writing I recently completed. I'll definitely check out that site more as well as yours.

Kelley said...

Awesome, Loopy! The Women's Colony is one of my favorite sites. I'm going to check out your blog, too. Thanks for visiting!