Monday, March 8, 2010

Tales of a Fashion Don't

While I try to keep up with the times when it comes to clothing, I'm not a slave to fashion. At least not like I was when I was single. Hey, once I bagged the Husband, the race was over! I retired and put myself out to pasture. So to speak.

And sure, when I was in high school, I followed all the latest trends: skin-tight designer jeans, leg warmers, big hair, lace gloves and those black rubbery bangles, I was all over it. I really thought I had it going on.

But as I've been going through my mom's pictures, I've come across some disturbing evidence that even then, I had fashion challenges. Observe-

Senior year, as a member of the flag squad. I look like I want to cram that flag pole somewhere.

Also from senior year, my best friend Rhonda (in the pink) and me in a blue dress that my friend Carol accurately described as 'having more ruffles than a bag of chips'. We were pretty shiny that night, huh?

Maybe it wasn't just me? The 80's were pretty bad fashion-wise for everyone, right? Is there something hiding in the back of your closet that you'd rather forget?


Kelly said...

I wore that exact same ruffled dress in mauve when I was a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding.

I think the only item of clothing from the 80's still in my closet is my wedding dress.

cathycan said...

My bridesmaid dresses....uugghhhhh!
What was I thinking???

Lurker Girl said...

The 80's had some GREAT fashion (Preppy--we all looked good) and then PUNK and the Madonna look--which could go ALL sorts of wrong--and usually did. I look back and shudder sometimes at the crazy.