Thursday, April 22, 2010

When Did I Lose All Sense of Control?

Where have the past two weeks gone? My life is a blur these days, and I'm getting tired of it. Let me see if I can take a deep breath and get us all up to speed.

OK, first thing. We have decided NOT to move. YAY!! We're going to stay here for one more year. We have no idea where the hell we want to move to, and honestly, I just could not get excited about packing up 7 years worth of crap to move to a home that I may not like. In a neighborhood that I may not like. When it comes to change, I'm fickle. Minor things I can adapt to with no problem, but big things? I will fight tooth and nail before I finally give in. But the Husband and I decided that if we stayed here for one more year, it would give us time to decide where we want to go, what type of house we want, etc. We don't have to rush ourselves (meaning me, mostly)and we can focus on what we really want.

Chickenhead has a new pet, a hamster named Butters. I'm not a rodent person, so for me to allow this fancy rat in to my home was a huge concession on my part. But Chickenhead adores her! He's in to taking care of her, putting her in her ball, etc. I can tell though, that Butters does not like me! She gives me major bitch-face, her little hamster lips curled up in a sneer while she gives me the side-eye. Whatever, sister. I paid for your scraggly butt, so you better be nice to me!

The school year is almost over, and we have made a huge decision about Chickenhead's education next year. We are going to homeschool! Chickenhead had a great teacher this year, but the problem is the assessment testing. It seems that at our school, they spend most of the class time focusing only on reading and math. Science, geography, history and social studies only get touched on here and there. Also, it doesn't seem like they really learn *how* to study for a test, it's just rote memorization. We think that for Chickenhead, studying at home will be the best option for him. And no, I won't have to wear a denim jumper, grow my hair long or have another 18 or so kids! We're looking at the K12program. In this program, Chickenhead would do all of his daily work on a laptop, and then a teacher would check his work via remote access on the laptop. It will be a chance for him to get the attention he needs in class, and work at his own pace. And, we'll get to focus on the things that really interest him like art and science. There are also local K12 groups, so he can connect in real-life with his online classmates. And he'll still have Cub Scouts, so Chickenhead will have a lot of social contact.

Things got kind of nuts around here for a while, but hopefully, I've got everything under control! Let's hope, anyway.


phd in yogurtry said...

The choice to focus on educational passions is such a plus with homeschooling. Sounds like you've got it all mapped out. Good luck!

Carol said...

YOU ARE BRAVE!! Homeschooling scares the crap outta me! Could never ever do it! As far as Butters goes....feed her a few times, she'll figure out who the real boss is! LOL Can't wait til Saturday!.