Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Vacation That Wasn't

When I hear the word 'vacation', I always think of this-

(yes, I know it's not the original, but the embedding is blocked for that video)

Anyway, my week off from work has been anything but an idyllic 80's romp. It has been some hard-ass work! I am going to need at least a week at work to recover from this death march of cleaning, sorting, pricing, throwing away, cursing, eye-rolling, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I have had some fun, and as soon as I remember what it was, I'll tell you. The majority of the week has been spent getting ready for the garage sale that we started today. I always forget what a huge undertaking a garage sale is!

Somehow though, I pulled myself together and with the Husband's and Chickenhead's help, we got set up this morning. Wow, people who shop at garage sales on Thursday mornings are serious about their shopping. They are c-r-a-z-y! I had one guy come by while I was setting up and I politely told him that we would be ready in about another half hour. He drove by six times after that to see if we were open. Finally he came up and said he was on his way back home, so could he just look around? I said sure, because he was feeling kind of stalker-ish, and boy am I glad he did. He spent a whole quarter!

I make it a point to say hello to everyone and give them a smile, but some people look like they would rather get their eyes gouged out with a hot spork than be at a garage sale. Why are they even out in public?

At least we had free entertainment while we were outside. In the storm drain down at the end of the cul-de-sac, a den of foxes have made themselves a home. The three baby foxes pop in and out of the drain all day long, spending time playing in the neighbor's yard and lying in the shade of their tree. While it's kind of cool to see them, it's also un-nerving to see how comfortable they seem to be in our neighborhood. They come out all hours of the day, and don't seem to mind us humans at all.

So, I'll be back out there tomorrow, and I really hope I sell the rest of what I have left. It's going to be hotter than you know what tomorrow and Saturday, and I would much rather be in the AC!


Ashley said...

I think we might host a garage sale this summer. Could you share some tips once you're done?

Also, your Spendy McStalkerson story made me laugh. A WHOLE QUARTER!

yogurt said...

Big kudos to you. Garage sales ARE a lot of work. Not the actual selling, that can be fun, oh the characters you will meet, but the prep work.

Our neighborhood is in a really bad spot for garage sales ... as in, the last one we had less than two cars showed up! So garage sales are not an option and I'm actually happy about that. Poorer, but happy.