Saturday, June 26, 2010

Wild Kingdom

While I've been outside for my garage sale for the past couple of days, slow roasting in the hot Kansas sun, I've been thoroughly entertained by these characters-

Aren't they cute?! Three baby foxes have made a home for themselves in the storm drain at the end of our street. Now I know that foxes can be dangerous critters, but they really are cute right now. They come out all throughout the day, popping up out of the drain to lay out on the grass. As soon as a car comes along or someone walks out of their house, they zip back down the drain. Their mom and dad are occasionally spotted running quickly around the neighborhood, searching for food for the young'uns.

The bad thing about having nature so close to us is that people are very curious about these critters. Two women were at my sale and looked down the street and started freaking the hell out! 'OMG, they are so CUTE!!', one of them squealed. The two women tiptoed down the street, seeing how close they could get. Then, they came back up to my house and asked if I had any hot dogs they could feed the foxes. WTH?! OK, first of all, I have serious hot dog snobbery issues, and the weenies I buy are expensive. I'm not about to give them away. Second of all, and most importantly, we are not going to feed the frigging wild animals! If you feed them, they don't learn to fend for themselves, and they shouldn't rely on humans to provide for them. Really? You want to give hot dogs to foxes?

That's not as bad as the lady who came by a while later, though. She stopped when one of the adult foxes ran in front of her car, and she told me, 'I don't know what kind of animals these things are, but Animal Control wants to know where they are so they can trap them.' I'm sorry but I don't believe her, she doesn't even know what a fox is! Plus, I had called Animal Control myself to see if the foxes posed any threat, and what would happen to them if they got picked up. AC explained to me that they will not pick up a wild animal unless it exhibits signs of rabies, such as stumbling while walking or other strange behavior. They will not be trapping them or putting them down or anything else. So whatever, crazy lady.

I imagine that when they grow up, they'll move along, but for now,they are fun to watch. They're not hurting anyone, and they don't mess with any of the neighborhood pets. Heck, they were playing with one of the local cats the other day! I've noticed that our rabbit and squirrel populations have dwindled a bit recently, so I'm pretty sure the foxes don't need my hot dogs!


cathycan said...

My friends had a baby fox in their window well! I was so worried about it, after reading the intial facebook post, I had to avoid the subject!
They are so cute! I'm so happy "you" are just leaving them alone!
It's baby bird time here(duh! everywhere, haha) and one died in our backyard. Once again, I was in a mood where I really had to stop myself from getting tooo overwrought about it! I'm weird like that: }

Rechelle said...

That is so cool. And Happy Birthday to Kai!