Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adventures In Home-Schooling

Today marks the third day of 5th grade here at the Casa. I was telling Chickenhead that we needed a name for our school, and so far, we're going with 'Freaks and Geeks Elementary'. I'm not about to ask who's the freak and who's the geek.

Anyway, here at F&G, things are going great! Chickenhead is enjoying the online classes, and the Husband and I like how our schedule is totally flexible. Classes at F&G start around 9AM. Chickenhead works on one or two subjects, either online or offline, then takes a 10-minute break. This allows him time to run around and act like a goofball, and while it sounds odd, when he sits back down to work again, he's able to focus better. I'm starting to think that it's almost asking too much of a child to expect them to sit still in their seats for an entire day. It just doesn't work for some children, and Chickenhead is one of them.

After breaking for lunch and maybe going outside to shoot some hoops, or even running some errands with the Husband, Chickenhead continues with his work. He's averaging about five hours a day to get his work done so far.

Most importantly, Chickenhead loves it. He likes using the laptop, he loves all the books that we got with our course supplies, and I think he really likes setting his own pace. Chickenhead even thanked me yesterday for enrolling him in home-school. I am so glad we did this!


Lurker Girl said...

HOw about Escuela de Chaos.

(That is School of Chaos in espanol) Keeps with your theme!!

Mommas Soapbox said...

Freaks and Geeks! LOL You crack me up. Ooooh Lurker Girl I like that name. (smile)

You are a brave Momma. I always say I wish I had the patience to home school. I just love it when my rugrats are off for the summer. I miss them when they are at school.. But I have to be honest with myself.... if my Rugrats were home schooled by me......well, it wouldn't be good for anyone. At least I can admit it. Admitting is half the battle right? (smile)