Sunday, September 12, 2010

Getting Caught Up

Wow, I have really let this thing get away from me! It seems like I've been so busy lately, that I barely have time to breathe, let along blog. But I'm determined to carve out more time for myself, including writing. I find I can focus better on what I need to do when I've cleared some of this stuff out of my head, so let's start, shall we?

A couple of weeks ago, I came home from work and went to see how the day's class session went. Chickenhead was sobbing uncontrollably. "Guess who died?!", he asked. I looked over at the Husband and his eyes were welling up with tears, too. I thought maybe Gramps had died, but no, it was Butters the hamster. Butters, Miss B, the only rodent I ever semi-loved, had died. Chickenhead and the Husband had already put her in a little box, sealed with orange duct tape and covered with goodbye messages written in black sharpie. We had a small, private ceremony in the side yard, where Miss B was interred to her final resting place, just beneath the living room windows. Immediately, discussions began for a new hamster, and by the end of the week, Chickenhead had found her. She's a tan and white teddy bear hamster, who has been named Fury. I have no idea why her name is Fury, but I'll be honest- I don't care for her. She looks kind of shifty, if you ask me. She's no Butters, I know that much. Maybe she'll start to grow on me, but I doubt it.

Home-school or as we've been calling it lately, un-school, is going well. We had a couple of blowouts over math, but we all worked passed it, and Chickenhead is doing good. He passed his first unit assessment in math with an 89%, missing only 3 questions. Compared with how poorly he was doing in math last year at school, this is amazing! He's doing well in all of his subjects, really, and enjoys science and history the most. I still can't get over how much more he seems to like school, and how much less tense he seems. We also made the decision to take him off of his ADD medication and I now question whether he ever needed it to begin with. I kind of wonder if the constant distractions in class were so overwhelming for him that he just kind of shut down and would sit there and daydream? Whatever it was, we haven't noticed any problems with focusing and staying on task than any other child would have.

We're still looking for an outside activity for him to do besides Scouts. He still likes Scouting, don't get me wrong, but he also wants to do a sport, and so we're leaning towards karate, I believe. We looked in to indoor soccer, but it was a little more than we can afford right now. We'll look at outdoor soccer again in the spring.

I've been working on trying to get my craft room up and running, but it's been a challenge. I've got everything cleared out of the room now, but I still have to clean the carpets and put in my desk and all my craft stuff. I wanted to get it ready by last weekend, but it didn't happen. I've been sidelined by a sinus infection, but I hope I'm over it soon. I hate sinus issues!

So that's what's going on around the Casa. I've updated the blog appearance for fall, I hope you like it!