Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holiday Hoopla

I wonder what a hoopla is, really? Hmm...something to google here in a little bit.

But yes, we are at that point in the year where we begin to think about the holidays. For some, the holidays are a time of happiness, spending time with family, gathering with loved ones from near and far. For others, the holidays are a time of dread, spending time with people you share DNA with, gathering with people who have the same last name from near and far. For us here at the Casa, things are going to run a little bit differently this year. And I'm glad!

A bit of background- Chickenhead recently started bowling in the homeschool bowling league. He loves it and likes having fun. A couple of weeks ago, the Husband's father and grandfather, The Grumps, showed up at the alley and proceeded to make huge asses out of themselves. They told parents to sit down because they couldn't see the kids bowling. They yelled at the mother of an autistic child to 'sit down, we can't see', and then later, to top it all off, Gramps called her the B-word. Mature, much? I called my FIL to get his version of events and he thought it was all pretty funny. I didn't. Chickenhead was so embarrassed by the way they acted, that he didn't want to go back. I suggested to my FIL that maybe it would be a good idea if they didn't go to the bowling alley any more. He suggested that even better, they wouldn't come to any of Chickenhead's activities again, no matter what they were. Alrighty, then!

I told the Husband- I'm done. Done like the holiday turkey. I'm not going to put up with this kind of nonsense any longer. We have decided that this year, we are having our own holiday here at home. If it's just the three of us, we're cool with it. In fact, we're kind of looking forward to it. We may have a small turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, or we might have a big old Mexican feast. I'll call my brother and see if he and his family want to come over and join us.

Even if it is just the three of us, it will be one thing that the majority of our previous holidays haven't been- peaceful. The Husband and I won't have to get all stressed out over the holiday. And if we're not stressed, we're not arguing, and all of us are just enjoying ourselves and not worrying about who in the family isn't speaking to whom, who's mad at whom, etc. In our Casa, there will be peace! This goes for Christmas, too. We will be staying at home, away from all the madness.

I can tolerate a lot from my in-laws, and I won't deny that during the course of our marriage, they have been at times, generous and supportive. But I draw the line at hurting my child. I won't put up with that. As I told my bestie today, if someone can't treat our child properly, and refuses to treat the Husband and I with respect, I have no desire to be around them.

Since we made this decision a couple of weeks ago, I have felt a lot calmer. I'm not dreading the upcoming holidays like I usually am. I don't have to fret over cooking dinner for 15, and getting no help or even a 'thank you' in return. So, let the holidays begin! Let's talk turkey or tacos or tequila, and tell me, are you starting any new traditions this year?

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Carol said...

We aren't doing the large family meal either. I put my foot down with my siblings (there is 5 of us) and I always seem to host. I told them...I'm not having it but if someone else would like too...I'd be more then happy to come and bring whatever is needed. So, we will see. I also don't want a family meal here, so I don't have to deal with Porkchop and Devil girl! So our new tradition is no traditions! (By Thanksgiving I may be drinking tequila!)