Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Part 2 of 2

I'm feeling some better, thanks to getting lots of rest today. My sinuses always seem to have a mind of their own this time of year, so I guess I'd better stock up on meds!

I mentioned in my earlier post today that I would have photos of my craft room, and here they are! It's not fancy, it's not all matchy-matchy, but it's me! I've got plenty of room to work on whatever I feel like working on. I'm going to move a rocking chair in there, too, so that I'll have a quiet place to read.

Here's a shot looking in the doorway-

The Husband found that L-shaped desk at a garage sale, and I love it! I've got my sewing machine there, along with my Slice and Cricut cutting machines. There's plenty of work surface, too.

Next to the desk, in front of the window, is (Re)Pete the Parakeet-

Next to Pete is an old chest of drawers (that desperately needs re-painting) that I'm using for storage of sewing supplies, stickers and embellishments, cards, etc. I need to hang the Eiffel Tower picture I have there sitting on top of it.

Here's the closet. I love having all these built in shelves in there.

All of my fabrics, craft supplies, paper,etc are in there and it works perfectly!

I moved this cabinet in here from the dining room. It belonged to my mom, she had my Great-Grandmother's dishes and stuff in it. I've re-purposed it to hold all my scrapbooks, craft books, photos, etc.

See that light wooden chest up on top? My great-grandfather made it for my great-grandma. It's a sewing chest and holds spools of thread, needles, scissors and such.

Since we're in a crafty mood, let's talk about art. As in art class. Chickenhead is taking art through our home school program. They sent us a huge box of art supplies and a web-cam so that Kai can do virtual art classes with the art teacher. Their first assignment was to draw a portrait. The teacher told the kids that they could trace from a photograph, then go over their traced design with colored pencils, markers, which ever medium they chose. Chickenhead chose to draw a portrait of the Butter Queen herself, Paula Deen. He used a cover of one of my old magazines. Here's the picture he used-

Isn't Paula lovely? Doesn't that mac-n-cheese look tasty? OK, now keep that photo in mind when viewing this-

So many questions. Why is Paula wearing a doo-rag? What's wrong with her eyes? Is she wearing grillz on her teeth? Bless his heart, it's Chickenhead's first attempt at drawing, really, but wow. It looks kind of like Paula had a baby with Li'l Wayne. Let's hope the next assignment turns out better!


Carol said...

Stop judging him, EARL! BTW, that shit is hysterical!

Carol said...

I was in such a trance about the 'drawing' {said like Mike Meyers- Simon character} that I forgot to say 'Hooray for your room!' I love the L shape desk too! I also don't feel so bad about all the crap I have in that I've seen yours. I am not a hoarder...I'm a crafter!

Sue said...

I wonder if Kendra would consider vacating her bedroom so I could use it as my craft room??

Becca said...

OMG I laughed outloud at the Paula Deen/Lil Wayne description of the drawing!