Friday, January 21, 2011

OK, Really?

Today I went to the orthopedic doctor. I figured it would be a quick, in and out visit, he would look at my ankle, go 'mmmhmmm' and 'uh-huhh' and I would be on my way.

WRONG! When I went in, the doctor said that he had looked at my x-rays that they had taken in the ER last week, and I've got a hairline fracture on the lower part of the tibia bone, down near the ankle joint. Which would explain why I had so much pain around my Achilles's tendon. The doctor said he wanted to take more x-rays, and if the fracture was still bad, there might be some surgery involved. WTF?! Thankfully though, the fracture seems to be healing well, so no need for surgery. But what I do need is a massive, black boot for the next two weeks. You know, the one that looks like the less blinged out version of Gene Simmon's KISS boot? Yeah.

The doctor wants me to wear this thing 24/7, taking it off only for bathing. Yes, I'm supposed to even wear it while sleeping. And I've been sleeping so well as it is, [/sarcasm] so this is sure to make me sleep like a baby.

Still, I keep telling myself- it could be much worse. I could have gotten a head injury, broken arms, ribs, etc. Hell, if the driver had been going faster, I could have died. I guess it's just the inconvenience of this boot that's getting me down. I go back in two weeks for more x-rays and hopefully, I can put the boot away.

After the doctor's visit, the Husband took me to Dos Reales for some Mexican comfort food. When all else fails, eat guacamole!


yogurt said...

We can build a rocket to the moon, you'd think we could build a fashionable orthepedic boot!

Hope the healing continues. And your coping mechanism is right on. It could be way worse.

I've never heard of sleeping in one of those boots. Maybe nobody has bothered to mention it but it seems uncomfortable and risks hurting yourself further (twisting under the sheets & blankets?) but I'm no orthopedic, obviously.

Lola said...

Sorry to hear that. I had to wear a full leg brace, top of my thigh to my ankle until I went to the orthopaedic doctor. That was not fun. Thankfully it turned out my leg was ok, just a precaution.

trash said...

Do you think we could get hold of a scrapbooker or someone to bling you boot?

Kelley said...

Trash! Yes!! I could decopauge it, or maybe bedazzle it. I may as well look stylish while I have this thing attached to my foot.