Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Mancake (because Monday was kind of a bitch)

I'll blame it on daylight savings time, but between Sunday and yesterday morning, that hour that I lost has just about done me in. I had a couple of men in mind, and we may yet see them at a later date, but this weeks' mancake is a mystery man!

I say he's a mystery man because most of us in the US have only seen him like this-

Yes, it's the 'crazy hat dude' (that's what I used to call him) from the British band Jamiroquai, a/k/a Jay Kay.

I always liked the song 'Virtual Insanity', but never gave the band much more thought than that. Besides 'Virtual Insanity', you probably also heard Jay singing in the 'Napoleon Dynamite' soundtrack, on the song 'Canned Heat'; the song that Napoleon did his big dance routine to.

Thanks to the interwebs, though, I found this photo of Jay Kay-

And this one-
Besides heading the band Jamiroquai, Jay is a car enthusiast who owns some 37 different exotic sports cars. He has an estimated worth of over $20 million, and also has designed a line of men's clothing for Hugo Boss.

If you don't know anything other than 'Virtual Insanity', check out this song-

So there we are, today's 'Mystery Mancake', Jay Kay of Jamiroquai. Take that silly thing off your head, darling.This is much better!


qandlequeen said...

Ooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!! Yummy!

Lurker Girl said...

He looks a LEEETLE bit like Marky Mark--I think it's thru the eyes.

Love your Man-cake--how some some Ian Sommerholder!!!!

Carol said...

NO lurker girl....NO! Marky is the shit! LOL

Anonymous said...

Got a little of the Keanu jive goin on too! V. Cute!

Catherine said...

He does look like Keanu. Cute.