Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Reading and TV Watching

Actually, I don't limit my reading to just summer time, I read year round. I do seem to do more in the summer, though for some reason.

Anyway, I recently read a great summery novel, 'July and August', by Nancy Clark. This is actually the third installment in a series of books following the Hill family of Towne, Massachusetts. Reading the first book, 'The Hills at Home', would probably be beneficial, but not necessary to enjoy this book. I haven't read the second book, 'Away From Home', because I always seem to miss it at the library.

On to 'July and August'. The setting is the home of Lily Hill, spinster aunt and somewhat reluctant matriarch to the Hill clan. Lily's home is once again the gathering place for family members young and old who have returned for the summer. There are more characters than you can shake a stick at, but the story is still easy to follow. The story revolves around Lily, who's running a successful fruit and vegetable stand at the end of her driveway. She's discovered a knack for farming, and enjoys the work. Family members prove to be a little too helpful, or more often than not, not helpful enough, to Aunt Lily.

Nancy Clark is a talented author, and I'm really hoping I can get my hands on that second book in the series. Her writing is humorous and touching at the same time, and I actually found myself a little sad that the book ended, because I enjoyed the characters and the story so much. She' supposedly working on a new book, hopefully another Hill family book.

A while back we decided to subscribe to Netflix, to try to save a bit on the entertainment budget (ha, like I have a budget!). I've quickly acquired the habit of waking up early on Saturday and Sunday mornings to watch all the BBC mini-series I haven't had the time to watch before. I just finished watching 'Downton Abbey' and can hardly wait for the second season. What a great show! I've been watching 'Daniel Deronda' too, but it's not as good as 'Downton'. The Husband has been watching EVERY season of 'Dog The Bounty Hunter', and damn if I don't sit down and get sucked in to that show when he's watching. My other TV indulgences this summer are 'Real Housewives of New Jersey', and 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' for which really, there are no words. And this coming Monday, 'Hoarders' on A&E begins it's new season! If it's anything like last season, we may actually see a hoarder uncover a human corpse in their hoard. It wouldn't surprise me at all. What are you reading and watching this summer?

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