Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calgon, Take Me Away!

I think it's safe to say that I'm starting to crack from all the stress I've been under lately. I haven't had any major meltdowns or anything, at least not yet. But the little irritations that I'm normally able to brush aside are getting to me a little more each day. So when I'm faced with a moderate to major irritation, it feels like it's taking everything I've got to deal with it.

I'm hoping that after this weekend, the Husband's mom will go home. Don't get me wrong; I greatly appreciate everything she's done for us. She's been outstanding, and I can't thank her enough. But. I am looking forward to the day when I can come home from work and sit down in the family room without finding a mega-wad of used tissue crammed down in the sofa cushions, press-on nails that have popped off in various places around the house, or her running around in a spaghetti-strap tank top. I want to be able to come home and not be forced to eat off of paper plates at every meal. She tries to be sneaky about the paper plates, and put a huge stack of them in the cabinet where I keep the dishes. Unless I'm at a cook out, I hate eating off of paper plates. Besides, I'm the one who loads and unloads the dishwasher, so by golly, I'm using a real plate. As much as I'm grateful for her help, the little quirks are getting to me, and I'll be happy to see her go.

The Husband and Chickenhead are off at Weblos camp for a couple of days. So tonight when I get home, I'm swapping out the TV in my bedroom for the one in Chickenhead's bedroom. The TV set in my room has terminal picture roll, and I'm tired of listening to anything I want to watch on TV. Since my MIL is camped in the family room, I let her watch whatever it is she wants to watch, which is usually Ghost Hunters. I'd sit down and watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann with her, but I fear that her neo-con brain would implode. Trust me, it's better for everyone if I lock myself in my room tonight, give myself a pedicure, pluck my eyebrows and just generally decompress. I'll be much better (and much better looking) in the morning.

My momma is doing about the same, some days are better than others. I'm noticing that her memory loss is getting more pronounced, which concerns me. Her doctor is sending a therapist to the house a couple of days a week to help her with improving her memory, so we'll see how that goes.

And this too, shall pass, I suppose...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I Survived!

Yes, I survived Chickenhead's birthday party. Really, it wasn't all that bad, the kids were pretty well-behaved and they had a lot of fun.

Here's the cake, with the edible cake topper I bought on Ebay-

Here's a couple of the birthday boy-

And here's the kids all rocking out-

The kids had a lot of fun. We had temporary tattoos and glittered hairspray for those who wanted to rock out, and Chickenhead picked out some of his favorite rock tunes, which I burned onto a CD for each guest. I set out markers and stickers so they could decorate their CD cases, which they all seemed to like. It was a fun time, but oh my. Thank goodness it's over! I'm going to go to bed early, I believe!

Tomorrow, on Chickenhead's actual birthday, we'll be heading over to my FIL's house for a cookout and swimming. It will be nice to have a low-key afternoon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

What A Week

OK, so technically the week isn't over yet, but I think I've had enough of this week.

Obviously, there were two deaths yesterday that stunned and saddened everyone I knew.

Growing up in the 70's, Farrah was the ideal to which so many little girls aimed for. The hair, that hair! I was BFF with my blow dryer and curling iron all through high school, thanks to Farrah. I am glad that she is at peace now, and is no longer in pain. She was a courageous fighter in the face of an ugly disease.

While Farrah's death was expected, it was no less sad. But the news of another death yesterday afternoon was absolutely shocking.

I came across this photo on DListed, and honestly, I think it's my favorite photo of Michael Jackson. Look at how handsome he was! 'Off The Wall' and 'Thriller' were both part of the soundtrack to my adolescence. It's this Michael I will choose to remember; the Michael that I grew up watching on TV with his brothers, the one who recorded all those great songs. The slow moving train-wreck that his life became over the past 15 years or so was not the Michael I knew and loved.

Closer to home, we're gearing up for Chickenhead's party tomorrow. It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'll be sure to post pictures here. Throwing a party is exhausting work! A part of me wants to hole up in the bedroom with a bottle of Arbor Mist (cuz I'm classy like that) and decompress after the festivities, but more likely than not I'll be uploading photos and not getting much else done.

My momma has had a better week than last week She's been testing four times a day, and has been trying harder to watch her blood sugar. We talked last night, and I had her sign the power of attorney. Why did I feel kind of sleazy having her sign that? I felt bad that she was reading it, and I don't think she really understood what it all meant, and I explained to her that God willing, we will never have to use it.

Oh and holy crap, Ed McMahon died, too! I can still recall the theme music from The Tonight Show, and Ed's booming voice saying 'Heerrree's Johnny!' I knew that when I heard that, I was up too late on a school night.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tag! I'm It!

Ok, Lola over at Lola's Diner tagged me in this photo game. Here's how it works. Go to your first photo file and post the 10th photo in that file.

This is actually kind of scary, because I have NO idea what's going to come up here! Let's see...

Snerk! This is Olivia, star of children's books. She's quite the bossy little diva, and I can occasionally be found at Barnes & Noble over in the children's section laughing at her and some of the other characters Chickenhead has outgrown.

I think I was going to use this photo to make some joke during the election about the whole Sarah Palin/lipstick on a pig thing, but I didn't want to insult Olivia that way.

I need to tag 5 more people, so here we go!

Carol at Around Our House
Amy at Lurking in La Vida Loca
Gladys at Gladys Tells All

And I can't think of the other two right now, so I will come back and edit when my brain is more awake!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I totally missed it!! "Blind Date" was my 200th Post! Yay me!! I should see if I can find something at Cake Wrecks to celebrate.

How about this one? Just imagine that the cake says 'Kelley' and not Phillip-

*photo courtesy of CakeWrecks

I had planned on doing a contest of some sort to celebrate 200 posts of the scary inner-workings of my mind, but it's been a little more chaotic around the Casa than usual. Once things die down or I get that 72-hour evaluation, I'll do something contest wise here. I can tell you that the contest prize will be a handmade bag and some handmade cards to go in it. Dream big, I say!

OK, better get. I've got laundry going, a house to clean and got to head off to the store soon!


Sometimes, a situation overwhelms me so much, all I can do is sigh. The situation with my momma is quickly spiraling out of control, and I've got to figure out how to reign her in.

This past week has probably been the hardest, most stressful week my family has been through. My momma has decided that her visiting nurse had last week messed up all of her medications, so she spent three days taking them all out of her daily pill packs and in to their respective pill bottles. She is defying doctor's, the physical and occupational therapists' orders to stay off of her leg, and walks around her bedroom. She's decided to listen to her brother in law, my uncle, when he tells her that 'the kneecap isn't a weight bearing bone, so you can walk on that leg'. What the orthopedic and the physical therapist have told her is that while it's not weight bearing, walking on it will stretch the tendons, which could pull the fracture apart.

Her behavior and attitude with the therapists has gotten so bad, that I fear that they may label her as non-compliant, and not come to the house any more. Both therapists and her nurse think that mom has had a stroke at some point because her right side is so weak.

The worst for me right now, is the temper tantrums. She yells at Chickenhead whenever he offends her in some way, she yells at my mother in law for any reason. Yesterday, mom was throwing things around her room and yelling and shouting because she couldn't have a Coke. Finally, my MIL told her she would get her a Coke, but asked my momma to do a blood check so they could make sure she wasn't too high. This sparked another 5-minute rant from my momma about how much she hates it here, how she never wanted to live here, and how she's moving in to assisted living, because she doesn't like anyone telling her what to do. We've all tried explaining to her that assisted living would mean even more people telling her what to do than what she's dealing with now, but she refuses to listen.

So. Today I'm going to sit down with my momma and we are again going to discuss power of attorney. She has told me that she will sign the papers, so I'm hoping that she remembers telling me that. Once we get that done, I'm going to have to lay down some ground rules about behavior, specifically towards Chickenhead. I am also going to call my uncle and remind him that he is not a doctor, so he needs to quit giving her medical advice. To be honest, I don't know what good any of this will do, because she will most likely continue to do exactly what she wants to do, regardless of what anyone else tells her.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blind Date

Many, many years ago, way before I met and fell in love with and married the Husband, I was single. It was a crazy time! I lived at home with my momma and had credit cards in my own name to department stores where I soothed my troubled soul with Chanel #5, shoes and purses and Levi's 501s. What a life! What reckless abandon! What debt!!

Wait, this is about a blind date. Which happened during this time. My very best BFF decided to surprise me on my birthday one year. Hoo-boy, was I surprised! She wanted to fix me up with her boss, whom we'll call 'Fred'. BFF assured me that Fred was a great guy; funny, cute, nice personality, all that. Somehow we decided that rather than it being an actual 'Date' date, she would go along and it would just be a night out to celebrate my birthday. I agreed.

The night of my birthday we were at her apartment, getting ready. I was in the bathroom, curling my bangs in to a kind of high, wall-type thing, which was popular in the late 80s-early 90s (and explains why my hair refuses to cooperate today; its' still traumatized), when the doorbell rang. BFF answered her door, and called me out in to the living room. She said she had a surprise for me. There stood a somewhat attractive looking guy, who smiled shyly at me. I smiled back, thinking he was BFF's boss, but then, BFF pushed the 'play' button on her boombox, and this guy started doing this weird dance. And then, he started unbuttoning his shirt. HOLY CRAP!! SHE GOT ME A STRIPPER!!

Did you know that when a guy is stripping for you, it seems like it goes on for a really, REALLY long time? Did you know that some men just should NOT wear Jockey bikini briefs? For what felt like an eternity, I stood with my jaw touching the floor, my face turning 20 shades of red, while this guy bumped and grinded (ground?) with a grin on his face that made me think he might kill me. He was white, so I think it was just that he was trying extra hard to stay on the beat, take his clothes off, and look at me all at once. Thankfully, it finally ended! Thankfully, he did not take off all of his clothes because I don't think I could have handled that. Thankfully, he left!

After he left, BFF and I kind of looked at each other and exploded with laughter. I think I recall telling her that I hoped she hadn't paid a lot for him, because he really wasn't that great. Not that I had a lot of experience scoping out strippers, because I hadn't, but still. I managed to compose myself and finish getting ready.

About 10 minutes after the stripper left, the doorbell rang again. This time, it was BFF's boss. WHO ALSO HAPPENED TO BE THE STRIPPER! Needless to say, I was pretty much speechless, which doesn't happen a whole lot. It made for an uncomfortable evening to put it mildly. Fred was kind of a jerk at dinner, stiffed the waitress on the tip as I recall, and then drank too much when we went to a nightclub, and hit on me and my BFF both. We both politely turned Fred down, I'm glad to say.

After that, I never went on another blind date. I never let anyone fix me up with someone they knew. If I was going to hook up with crazy, it was going to be on my own terms! I don't really know what became of Fred. Last my BFF saw of him, he was on marriage #2, I think, and probably cheating on that wife just like he did his first one. Wherever Fred ended up, I really hope he didn't pursue a career in male exotic dancing. Ick.

Update- My dear BFF reminded me that it was not her idea to have Fred strip for me. Nope, that was all Fred's doing. He thought it would be better for me to see what I was getting right away! Fred fancied himself to be quite the ladies man. Mm-hmm...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

8 Things

OK, I'm feeling lazy this morning. I fell asleep to the soothing sounds of a thunderstorm and torrential rains, only to be woken up about 3:30 by the power transformer for our neighborhoo blowing. I called and reported the outage, and finally dragged myself out of bed around 5:30 to get ready for work. You want a challenge, try putting on liquid eyeliner by candle light, while holding a small flashlight pointed towards the mirror. Somehow, my make-up actually looks better today than most days, so I may just get ready in the dark from now on. Of course,the lights came back on about 10 minutes before I had to leave. Figures.

Anyway, back to being lazy. Carol posted this on her blog the other day and I'm stealing it! So without further ado, here are my 8 things-

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Chickenhead's birthday party
2. My momma getting her leg brace off
3. Swimming this weekend
4. Making chocolate-peanut butter pie for Father's Day
5. Scrapping!
6. Clearing out part of the Manhole to turn in to my craft area
7. Getting out the sewing machine and working on some projects
8. Spending lazy Sundays on the sofa

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Got a latte at Scooter's
2. Cursed the rain
3. Cursed my hair
4. Bought Father's Day cards
5. Ate leftovers for dinner
6. Oooh'd and aahh'd over Chickenhead's clean bedroom
7. Washed sheets and towels
8. Talked with my momma about a power of attorney

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Get my hair done
2. Get a pedi
3. Win the lottery
4. Find someone to do all the yard work so we don't have to
5. Protect Chickenhead from all the evil morons of the world
6. Be fitter, healthier
7. Live closer to my friends, but we're all over the place!
8. Skydive

8 Shows I Watch:
2. Rescue Me
3. Real Time With Bill Maher
4. The Golden Girls
5. Almost any VH-1 'reality' show
6. Grey's
7. My Name is Earl (was Earl, now that it's been cancelled)
8. CNN

8 favorite fruits:
1. Raspberries
2. Bananas
3. Pineapple
4. Strawberries
5. Grapes
6. Oranges
7. Peaches
8. Apples

8 places I’d like to travel:
1. Chicago
2. Savannah
3. Seattle
4. NYC
5. Amsterdam
6. India
7. Ireland
8. Italy

8 places I’ve lived:
1. Kansas
2. Arizona
3. Kansas
4. Missouri
5.-8. Kansas

Monday, June 15, 2009

Just A Big Ol' Random Mess

I've got too much on my mind to focus on one particular topic, so tonight's post is going to be a free form, stream of consciousness kind of thing. Hang on and try to keep up!

It's official, I'm sick of rain. It's storming as I write this, and it's rained off and on for the past 637 days. OK. Maybe not that long, but it sure does seem like it. The humidity does nothing for my hair, either. Without anti-frizz serum, my head looks like a big chrysanthemum. Too much serum, and I look like I wiped a pork chop over my head.

The rain does have some pluses, though. The yard is nice and green and it now looks like people who care live here, and not so much like a crack den anymore. My peonies were beautiful this year, and the Husband's grandfather said I could take some starts of his peony bushes, which belonged to his grandmother. Does anyone know how to start peonies? Do I have to dig it up, can I root a cutting? If anyone has done this, I'd really like to hear about it. Our iris were really pretty this year, too, and my yucca plant is blooming it's beautiful white blossoms.

My mom is doing so-so. Some days are better than others. She is frustrated that she has to depend on people, and feels like she's a burden on me, which she's not. We talked tonight about a durable power of attorney. Mom says that she will sign it, but she seems hesitant. I made sure I explained to her that it's to protect her, and that it's only used if at some point she is unable to speak for herself. She said she knew, but "you know, you see those families on Dateline that have swindled a family member with a power of attorney..." Wow. Really? I told her that I don't have the time to figure out how to swindle her, I was too tired. And I honestly hope that I never have to use it. But I want it there so we're covered just in case.

Things are moving along for the Rock Star-themed birthday party. Chickenhead is so excited! Speaking of Chickenhead...today he CLEANED HIS ROOM! You can see the carpet and everything! Things are PUT AWAY! IN BINS!! Yes, my MIL helped him (probably more like he helped her, when he felt like it), but he was so proud. He's excited that he's got room to play his guitar and play with his toys. There's still some stuff in there I plan to weed out for the garage sale, but all in all, great work!

And so, that's about all that's going on here with me. I'm trying to make an effort to get to bed earlier, but yeah. It's almost 10 PM, and here I am. So, good night!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Growing A Pair (yep, girls can do it, too!)

Over at Lola's Diner today, it's 'If I Could Blog Back Time' Thursday (thank you, Lola, I have to download some Cher when I get home!), and today's topic is 'The First Time You Stood Up For Yourself'.

I will readily admit that I probably don't stand up for myself as often as I should. I'm pretty much a live and let live kind of person, and if someone treats me like a doormat, I just cut them out of my life and limit contact with them. With some people though, it's not that easy.

Take my mother in law, for example. She can be a kind, generous and caring person. She can also be a shrewd, vindictive, manipulative trouble maker. Most drama that occurs in our family can be traced directly back to her. She is a classic 'one upper'; no matter what has happened to you, honey, it happened to her, and it was a thousand times more excruciating than what you could possibly imagine.

For the 14 years that the Husband and I have been married, I have tended to let whatever she prattles on about go in one ear and out the other. Until last fall, that is.

She and I, along with Chickenhead, were on our way to my nephew's birthday party. Somehow the topic of conversation got turned to politics. MIL took it upon herself to school me in how our country would surely be going to hell in a handbasket if we let a N* like Barack Obama in the White House, and the prophecy foretold in the Book of Revelations was about Barack Obama himself.

You can wear your tinfoil hat as tight as you want, but you don't EVER use racial slurs around my child, and you don't use the Bible to rationalize whatever nutbag theory you are subscribing to this week. I very calmly told her this, and that not only had I donated to Obama's campaign, but so had her darling son, the Husband. I told her that under no uncertain terms would she and I ever discuss religion or politics again, and that if she ever used a racial or ethnic slur around Chickenhead again, she wouldn't be seeing him. I then decided to just clear the air once and for all, and I informed her that I was extremely liberal in my political beliefs. I am pro-choice, pro-union, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-nationalized health care, and any other pro I could think of. That shut her down.

Since then, we get on just fine. She no longer pushes me to 'get Chickenhead to church so he can find Jesus', and she no longer spouts off her political views. Well, she did say the other night that she 'really wished Sarah Palin had been our V.P. She's so funny!' Yes, because being 'funny' is the main criteria for holding public office. I'll let her slide on that one, I think her meds were starting to kick in.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Momma Drama- An Update

No, that's not my momma. The picture is purely for illustrative purposes.

It's been almost one week since my momma fell and broke her kneecap. She is starting to improve in the mobility department, but we still have a lot of work to do.

Yesterday, the Husband took her to see her primary doctor. I called the doctor's office ahead of time, and told them that she would be bringing in all of her medications. She's had a terrible time keeping track of which pill was for what, and if she can't remember what it's for, she doesn't take it.

Well I guess the good doctor read her the riot act(but in a nice way, the Husband said)about her medication. He told her that he wants her to take the pills he prescribes because he wants her to get better. My Momma has a few things to say on the subject of medications. Here are some of her observations:

"Just because a doctor gives you a pill, doesn't mean it's OK to just take it!"

"Who ever heard of a vitamin you take once a week? How in the hell will that help?" (she has a vitamin D deficiency, and the dr gave her a heavy dosage that requires you to take one pill a week for 4 weeks. She's taken one, then forgot about them)

"I don't see why I have to take so many pills. Who takes all these pills?" (You do if you wanna live, sister.)

Isn't she a hoot?

On the positive side, her blood sugar was down a bit, which is great. Now that she's not driving she's not heading to McDonald's for a large chocolate shake every other day, maybe we can get her blood pressure down, too.

There are still other things we need to work on. Her memory is getting worse. She had herself worked in to a frenzy when I got home from work tonight over her checkbook. Momma will call the automated account info line up to five times per day to check on her balance. And if she's having a bad day, she can't do the math, so if the checkbook doesn't match what the info line says, she's in a tizzy. I'll sit down with it tomorrow and look it over for her.

My mother in law is staying with us through Friday. Normally, this would be the part where I decide to stay on the bus at night instead of getting off at my stop and coming home. But, it will be good for Momma to have someone here during the day to help her out. The Husband and Chickenhead have been great, but they can't do it all. She gets upset because Chickenhead can't cook for her. He's eight, the most he can do is microwave a hot dog for 45 seconds.

The visiting nurses are coming tomorrow, too. They'll help her to wash her hair, shower, all that good stuff. I'm trying to get Momma to realize that her attitude plays an important part in her recovery. If she doesn't try to stay positive, she'll be fighting this forever.

OK, everyone go hug your mommas or say a prayer for her!

Men I Like- A Special Birthday Edition

A big ol' HAPPY BIRFDAY to Johnny Depp, born today. I've loved him since his '21 Jump Street' days, and I'll watch any movie that he's in any time it comes on TV. I made Chickenhead watch 'Edward Scissorhands' with me the other day. "When is he going to kill everyone?", he asked me. I didn't know what he was talking about until I realized that he had confused Edward with Freddy Kruger from 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'. And what a coinkidink, Johnny Depp starred in the first installment of that film series! OK,OK, enough with the chatter, let's get to lookin'-

Johnny Jump Street-

Gilbert Grape-ish Johnny-

Hot Johnny-


Monday, June 8, 2009

The Grocery Store- One Of Dante's Rings of Hell?

Am I the only one who absolutely despises going to the grocery store? I would rather clean 10 toilets, tackle Chickenhead's bedroom AND mow the entire yard with a manual push mower than go to the store.

I can't pin down one exact reason I dread the trip to the store so much. It must be a combination of several factors. Let's examine the ones that bother me the most, shall we?

1. I make a list, and I stick to it, but nobody wants what's on it. I try to buy everything I need to make meals that I know Chickenhead and the Husband and my momma will like, but trying to please all of them is darn near impossible. My momma likes very heavy, starchy foods, with lots of gravy and salt and potatoes. Why yes, she does have health issues, why do you ask? All this nonsense brings me to:

2. We are in a food rut, and can't get out. I never wanted to be in that 'if it's Tuesday, it's spaghetti night' place, but we're there. And I've learned that it's because I'm just too danged busy to throw down a new-fangled meal every night. So we have the staples in the dinner arsenal- chicken breasts, spaghetti, roast, enchiladas or tacos, did I say chicken, and fish sticks. But, let's confuse the whole mess even more.

3. During the summer, I hate to cook. I am seriously considering telling everyone that dinner during the summer months will be sandwiches, salads, a bowl of cereal or anything else that requires minimum preparation from yours truly.

4. I'm in a home with picky eaters. Chickenhead has three vegetables he will eat: carrots, green beans and broccoli with cheese sauce. But we have to be wary of the cheese sauce as he's lactose intolerant. The husband has some sort of aversion to mushrooms, celery, anything creamy (potato salad, for example)and chicken legs. My momma doesn't like to eat anything 'weird' like shrimp, crab, and most ethnic foods. I'm dying to make Chicken Tikka Masala with basmati rice, but I think I would be the only person who would eat it.

So, what do you do? Do you just suck it up and get in there and get it over with? Do you fix stuff and tell them to eat it or starve? How do you get your family to try new things? Should I just say 'screw it' and order a pizza from now on?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Put On Your Big Girl Pants And Deal With It

This has been my mantra today. Deal with it. Be a big girl and deal. And it's been helpful. Yes, there are moments when I feel like I'm stuck on the ceiling, but they've been a bit fewer today.

I wasn't prepared for how much extra work it would actually be to help my mom with even a few things. But she needed help with so much. And while I still had the occasional urge to run in to the bathroom, lock the door and scream, I didn't do it. I took a deep breath, counted to ten in my head, and got done with whatever needed to be done. I helped my momma get to the bathroom when she needed it, made sure she had something to eat and a nice cold glass of water when she asked for it.

Tomorrow I'll sit down with her and make up a grocery list, and help her sort out her medicines. We had a long talk about her medications, and how she can no longer pick and choose what she feels like taking each day. The other day her doctor told me that her potassium was dangerously low. Guess what? She's got a potassium pill, but she doesn't like to take it because it's so big (they are horse pills, that's for sure). So I cut them in half for her, and now she can take half in the morning, half at night. I'm also trying to talk her in to taking the anti-depressant the doctor prescribed for her. I think it would help a lot with her stress level, and it could help towards lowering her blood pressure.

Everything else around the Casa is moving along, as life usually does. A bit of great news- we sold the monstrous aquarium the Husband had down in the manhole. Yes, someone else in this world actually had use for a 250-gallon aquarium and enough rock and sand to cover the great barrier reef. It was kind of interesting to see three burly guys heave that thing up the stairs. I kind of wanted a beer just watching them! But it's gone now, and so we now have more space in the manhole, and a bit of money in the bank.

Tomorrow we're headed back to the pool at Pa-pa's house for a swim. My momma assures me that she'll be fine for a while on her own, as she plans on sleeping in the afternoon. I am looking so forward to getting in that pool! I need to just float and zone out for a while.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Where Did I Put My Happy Place?

Oh my. It has been one stressful week at the Casa. Pull up a bottle of Arbor Mist, unscrew the top and let me tell you all about it.

Wednesday, my momma drove herself to her doctor's appointment. As she was walking in to the office, she fell on the sidewalk. They came out and got her, got her to go get x-rays taken, and then to an orthopedist, who told us she has a broken kneecap. Luckily, she won't need a full cast on her left leg, but she will need a brace that she'll have to wear for the next three months.

This has, in two days, snowballed in to a health crisis of epic proportions. My momma has type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and 'neurological issues' (as in possibly early-stage Alzheimer's). I spoke at length with her doctor today. He seems decent enough, and I feel he has her best interests at heart. Doc laid it on the line- if she can't/won't get her blood pressure and diabetes under control, she won't be around much longer. I listened in a state of semi-shock as he detailed her medical issues, and how they are all affecting each other. I knew that she was bad. I knew that her continuing to ignore her health was going to come back to bite her in the behind. Despite knowing that, it was still kind of shocking to hear what I had been thinking come out of someone else's mouth.

I'm going to try working with her doctor to help get her with the program. But even he realizes that we can only do so much. If she refuses to go to the doctor, if she continues to find excuses not to test her blood sugar, there's not much that he, or I or anyone else can do. He listened patiently as I explained the frustration I felt, watching her act like nothing is wrong and she can do whatever she darn well pleases. Right now about all we can do is drag her mule-headed butt into the doctor once a week so she can get her act together.

The other night as I was helping her get in to a night gown, I was stunned to see that my mother has turned in to an old woman. I know she's 67, but when did this happen? Her body is stooped, her skin sags from her bones, her hair is white. She's beginning to struggle to find words when she talks, and gets frustrated when they don't come to her. To see firsthand what happens to someone when they refuse to take care of themselves is jarring to the senses.

I worry- what if she doesn't get better? What if this broken kneecap is the beginning of a trip down a road that I don't really want to go down? I know that this is something beyond my, or anyone else's control, but what upsets me the most is knowing that it didn't have to happen at all.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Wasted Day

I had today off as a vacation day, and it was the perfect time to putter around the house. I didn't do anything major, just a lot of little things that needed to get done.

I got to sleep in, and then I picked up around the house, did a bit of dusting, stuff like that. I'll probably start on the big clean up this weekend if it rains, that is. Since it rained today, we didn't get to get out and mow, which means it will have to get done this weekend. I want the house to look decent for when all the little monsters come over for Chickenhead's party.

Speaking of which, I worked on that today, too. Chicken and I sat down and figured out which songs he wants on the CD's that we're giving to each guest. I had to veto a few choices, because I knew that some parents might have an issue with a word or two. I don't want them to think we're complete godless heathens, after all. All in all, Chickenhead has a pretty good list going-

'Dead or Alive'- Bon Jovi
'Let There Be Rock'- AC/DC
'Living on a Prayer'- Bon Jovi (I've been suggesting that this one be removed, but so far, no luck)
'Everlong'- Foo Fighters
'Drain You'- Nirvana
'Alive'- Pearl Jam (I'm still thinking about this one; the lyrics have some opedial
overtones that I'm not sure about)
'Give It Away'- Red Hot Chili Peppers
'Today'- Smashing Pumpkins
'Crush Crush'- Paramore
'Don't Look Back in Anger'- Oasis (I was really surprised he picked this song)
'Suffragette City'- David Bowie (another surprise, although this is a pleasant one)
'Enter Sandman'- Metallica (I was kind of surprised there wasn't more Metallica on the list)
'Pork N Beans'- Weezer
'Keep Fishin'- Weezer (we love Weezer!!)
'I Wanna Be Sedated'- The Ramones (I will be singing this by the time the party is over, I'm sure)
'Fell In Love With A Girl'- The White Stripes

And really, that's about it for today. Watched some TV, surfed the net, hung out with my son and the Husband. Mom wasn't feeling good and stayed in her room most of the day.

Tomorrow it's back to the grind, but, at least it will be Wednesday and the week will be half over. Think about how much time we spend wishing our way through five days of the week, just to enjoy two days that fly by!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Countdown Begins! (and Random)

Today's post will be #189 here at the Casa, and that means we're only 11 posts away from the magical 200 posts mark. What makes it magical, you ask? Well, I don't really know. I suppose it's magical that I'm still writing this train-wreck of a blog, and folks are still reading it! It's magical that I haven't given it up for real therapy, you know, with a doctor and pills? But insurance only covers 10 visits and hey, this here blog is still free!

I will be racking my already overtaxed brain to come up with something special to comemmerate post #200. Maybe a contest or something. Yes, a give-away! There will be a contest and a prize. Wish I knew more about that, but as soon as I figure it out, I will share it with you two. It will be something fairly simple because trust, I can't pull off complicated!

This weekend was superb. I went scrapping on Saturday with my scrappin' buddies and we had a great time. I got stuff done, I didn't sit there like I was comatose, I actually accomplished something! I like it when that happens.

Chickenhead and the Husband went camping, and returned home early yesterday afternoon. Chickenhead was tired, poor thing. He should go camping more often, because he was too tired to even talk back. We vegged out on the sofa while I watched a Golden Girls marathon on the Hallmark Channel. He didn't even complain about my programming choices because all he wanted to do was just chill.

I have a vacation day tomorrow, but don't plan on doing much that would be considered fun. We're going to mow the yard, and if it doesn't storm, we may head over to the FIL's house to swim. We'll see.