Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I Did On My Summer Vacation(that I didn't know I was on)

I guess I took a vacation from blogging without realizing it! To be honest, at some point it felt like my brain shut down and I just could not think of anything that I wanted to write about.

So what did I do this summer? Well, not much really. I've been on a mission to clean through every room in the house, sorting out items for a future garage sale. Chickenhead spent the summer swimming at my FIL's house almost every day. Chickenhead turned 11, and made me feel old.

I went and got a mammogram last Monday, and today had to go for a follow-up ultrasound because they thought they saw something abnormal. I don't know about you, but even though they assured me when I made the appointment that it was 'probably nothing', I still worried about it. This afternoon, when I was lying on the exam table, I was watching the monitor as the super nice radiologist was doing her thing. Suddenly on the monitor, there was something that looked scary. And she had stopped there and was measuring it, and saving the file and I started tearing up. A million things ran through my mind at that moment, every worst case scenario I could think of and believe me, I can think of some good ones. She saw my tears and stopped scanning and assured me that it was just my lymph node. There was nothing abnormal at all, it was just my lymph nodes. I practically skipped out of the office and back to the car! I think deep down inside, I knew it was nothing, but when faced with the reality of a 'breast cancer center', that confidence flew out the window. I'm glad it's behind me now.

The other thing I've been doing is something that's been a passion of mine for a long time. I've been sewing. Specifically, I've been sewing children's clothes! It all started with me converting my wedding gown (well, part of it) in to a christening gown.

Here's the 'before'-And, here's the after-

I have plans to make a couple more gowns to sell, but this one I'll be keeping for Chickenhead to use someday when he has a family.

I've also been making diaper covers, baby shoes and dresses-
All of these pieces were made with vintage fabrics. A couple of years ago, The Husband scored two boxes of vintage fabric at an estate sale. A lot of it was decorating and drapery fabric, but there were quite a few pieces that are perfect for clothing. I love anything vintage, and combing vintage fabrics with modern designs is just about my favorite thing. I'm hoping to soon open an Etsy shop to sell these pieces.

So, that's just about it. It was a pretty laid back summer, all in all. Now, Chickenhead is getting back in to the school groove, and we're tackling 6th grade. Fingers crossed that I understand the math he'll be working with this year!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Open Letter To An A-hole

Dear Dillweed,

It was so nice to know that a perfect stranger on the bus has my well-being in mind. How interesting the world would be if there were more people like you in it. But I think we've pretty much reached our quota.

When the substitute bus driver asked me tonight which stop was mine, I was quite surprised to hear your suggestion that he drop me off a couple of stops before because in your words, 'she could use the exercise'. How kind of you, a total stranger, to want to plan my exercise program for me. My husband was duly impressed, too, when I told him about it when I got home. He's VERY interested in discussing a workout plan with you, but it may not be quite what you've got in mind. You'll be happy to know that even though I didn't get as much exercise as you thought I should on my walk home, I still had plenty of thoughts about you on my 3-minute trek.

Tonight was one of the very rare moments when I have been rendered completely speechless by the words of some ignoramus such as yourself. The lady sitting across the aisle from me heard you, you sexist pig, and I noticed that the bus driver didn't laugh along with you, either. Let's get something straight, I'm a lady. I am someone's wife, someone's sister, someone's mother and someone's daughter. I am a human being worthy of respect. If anyone said anything like what you said to me to a woman in your life, I'm pretty sure you would be as pissed off as I am.

I would say something about those coke-bottle bottom glasses you wear, and your ill-fitting dockers, and your shabby looking shoes, but I'm above it. Karma is an ugly thing, asshole, and when it comes calling for you, it won't be pretty. And speaking of pretty, you're not. Maybe I could use some exercise, but you're ugly, and I can always lose weight.