Friday, August 24, 2012

It's Silly Season, and My Head is Close to Exploding

Well, look who's back! I ended up taking an extended hiatus from my little blog because I couldn't think of a darn thing to write, and I had this minor depression/anger/apathy thing going on. But, I'm now medicated and motivated, and looking forward to writing again!

Silly Season. That glorious time in the U.S, also known as the months leading up to the Presidential election. When politicians will say literally ANYTHING that might pull them in a huge endorsement check or a few more votes. VP Joe Biden put his foot in it last week when he told a group in Virgina, that if Romney became President, he would 'put y'all back in chains'. Joe Biden is a smart guy, I have a lot of respect for him, but sometimes I hear something he says I kind of cringe.

As cringe-worthy as VP Biden's comment was, though it pales in comparison to the now infamous words of Missouri's would be senator, Todd Akin. Yes, you know what he said. "If a woman were legitimately raped, her body has ways of shutting that down". I know my own husband must think that my uterus is some sort of tracking device, because he's always asking me where his crap is, but if there's one thing my vajay-jay can't do, it's determine if I'm being sexually assaulted or not. My hoo-ha is not Miss Cleo, ok? I would rely on my brain, which is much farther north of my cervix.

Anyway, everyone started piling on Akin. Even Boss Hogg Limbaugh was telling him to get out. VP contender Paul Ryan was trying to distance himself, despite the fact that he co-sponsored a House bill with Akin that would redefine the word 'rape'. Since Ryan and Akin seem to believe that a woman can't get pregnant if she's 'legitimately raped', then they could ban ALL abortions. But they didn't stop there. They also co-sponsored HR 212, which basically said 'fuck it' to science and declared that human life began at fertilization. The bill also said that since life begins at conception, it would outlaw birth control pills, IUDs and in-vitro fertilization. Make no mistake about it, even though Romney/Ryan are now saying that 'rape is rape' and Mittens is saying that his policy has an exemption for abortions in the cases of rape or incest, they agree with Todd Akin. They truly believe that a woman can't get pregnant as a result of rape.

The real problem that I have with all of this is that as women, we are fighting this bullshit again. It's been less than 100 years since we won the right to vote, and we've been fighting for everything else ever since. Equal pay, equal opportunities, we're still fighting for them. As my friend, Mrs. G said so eloquently, "All the while, their undiscussed, unlegislated dicks are swinging freely in the gentle breeze of sanctimonious, underhanded hypocrisy." Word. What do these men in DC (mostly old white men) gain from banning abortion? What do we gain as a society from FORCING women to not only have a vaginal ultrasound, but be forced to watch the monitor while a doctor describes the zygote/embryo to her? If abortion is effectively banned through bills at the state and Federal level, how do we benefit as a nation from legally forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term?

I am PRO-CHOICE. Not PRO-ABORTION, Pro-Choice. I don't think the decision to have an abortion is one that should be made lightly, but women need to retain the legal right to have a safe abortion if they choose to do so. Without bullshit waiting periods and vaginal probes and all the other nonsense. I firmly believe that if we loose our right to choose, women will die needlessly. They will die from botched, illegal abortions, or worse, from trying to terminate the pregnancy themselves. They will die at their own hand, from the despair of being forced to carry a state enforced pregnancy; a pregnancy that wasn't planned, or even worse, was the result of a brutal, violent attack or through incest. They will die because even though a doctor may have told them that carrying the pregnancy to term will pose a serious risk to their life or the life of the unborn baby, abortion is illegal.

No matter which way you choose to vote in November, I urge you to vote! And if you have daughters, friends, nieces, cousins, aunts or moms, think about their rights as women. Think about the rights that the women who came before us fought so long and so hard for. Think about the world we are creating for the next generation of women and ask yourself, is this what I want for her? VOTE!!