Friday, November 30, 2012

Extreme Suburban Birdwatching

About a month ago, I was out running errands with The Husband and Chickenhead.  The store, the bank, nothing too exciting.

That is, until we were headed to the bank.  I was writing up a deposit slip when Chickenhead exclaimed, "Cool! A hawk!!"  The Husband began looking around excitedly. "Where?!"  "It's back there on that utility box, Dad!" To call these two giddy with excitement would be a gross understatement.

We whizzed through the drive in at the bank, The Husband impatient, hoping that the hawk would still be there.  Sure enough, it was, and so began an almost 30-minute quest to get a photo. 

The Husband drove while I attempted to take a picture of the hawk from a moving vehicle with my cell and an ipod.  All the while, The Husband is huffing impatiently at the cars behind him honking, and providing me with 'helpful' constructive criticism. "Take the picture, take it now!!!!" I seriously contemplated jumping out when we made the third u-turn in the Costco parking lot. 

We drove past the hawk's perch again, and The Husband got mad because I got the pic with my phone, but wasn't able to snap one with the ipod.  Finally, I snapped.  "Well excuse me, Marlon Perkins, I didn't know we were going on safari today!! It's just a fucking bird!!! We've got one at home in a cage you can look at whenever you want!!"

Chickenhead giggled quietly to himself while I posted the one photo I got on to Facebook.

Finally, we were all calm and apologies were made all around.  Later over lunch, I asked Chickenhead to keep it to himself whenever he sees something cool.  Silent wonder and admiration can be a beautiful thing!